For millennia, the kiln has crafted the most beloved, lasting pieces of civilizations.

Slowly and steadily, it provides the precision necessary

to create works of art that withstand the test of time.

We embody this ethos

Our vision is a simple one: to make clothing you’ll want to keep.

We take our time to do things right;

To transform our ideas into cherished garments

Through thoughtful design and meticulous production.

Our pace is married to our craft.

We create slowly, we create surely - much like a continuous kiln.

Sourced from across the globe,

we choose only the highest-quality fabrics,

all tested for durability and longevity.

And all woven to feel as luxurious as they look.

Flattering silhouettes, comfortable styling

and thoughtfully unfussy details.

KILN is crafted to fit perfectly from conception to closet.

From our sumptuous investment-worthy cashmere and merino

wools, to our softest washed silks and twills, we never forget that

our garments touch a body. Yours.

KILN is designed with a purpose.

The casual elegance of thoughtful, simple design combined with

the ease of luxurious fabrics that simply wash-and-wear.