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Inspired by the sensibility, palette and ease of our California surroundings, KILN is created with attention to detail from the finest fabrics.

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For millennia, the kiln has crafted the most beloved, lasting pieces of civilizations. Slowly and steadily, it provides the precision and expertise necessary to create works of art that withstand the test of time.

We embody this ethos.

Our vision is a simple one: to make clothing you’ll want to keep. From cut and silhouette, to design details and fabric selection, KILN is fashioned to endure. We take our time to do things right; to transform our ideas into cherished garments through reflective, thoughtful design and measured, meticulous production.

Our pace is married to our craft. We create slowly, we create surely - much like a continuous kiln.

Crafting KILN

To create exceptional clothing that lasts, we employ an uncompromising design process that considers all aspects of a garment’s life.

First of all, our design director is also our master pattern maker (a rare fashion-industry occurrence in itself). After spending over a decade studying fit, she has teased out common concerns and skillfully addressed them all.

A crucial step is designing through a classic technique called draping. Draping is the physical process of creating a pattern three dimensionally. By forming cloth around a dress form, our pattern maker is working physically with the fabric. This is how we ensure a better fit and balance, and craft pieces that can accommodate a variety of body types.

The end result is a garment that provides not only easy comfort, but fit versatility as well.  Many include adjustable waists and neck drops, not to mention, a slight give in fabrics and flattering seam placement.

Last, but certainly not least, are our fabrics. We carefully source the highest-quality fabrics from mills across the globe. They must be made of good staple fibers; woven to not only look and feel amazing, but to also perform. Once we’re satisfied, we then wash-and-shrinkage test our fabrics.

In other words, KILN is crafted to fit well from conception to closet.